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Pien Tze Huang Crystal Whitening Series 1

Pien Tze Huang Crystal Whitening Series 1
Product Detailed

1. Pientzehuang Whitening Eye Cream
2. Whitening Nourishing Essence
3. Speedy Wrinkle Removal Cream
4.Whitening CleaningCream


 Pien Tze Huang Crystal Whitening Series 1:


** 20g Pientzehuang Whitening Eye Cream
  1.Distinctive PTH effectively invigorates skin, rebuilds skin elasticity structure, tightens up and elevates slack skin around eyes.
  2.Succinct plant embryo elements improved by biochemical technology and activator QU-10 can deep condition skin’s micro-ecology, improves skin’s sub-heath of strain and darkness, makes tiny wrinkles unobvious and strengthens skin’s elasticity.
  3.Vitamins A, E can prevent the form of radicals harmful to skin cells, strengthen cell structures from the inside to the outside, moisturize delicate skin around eyes, get rid of black eye socket, relieve eye’s feeling of strain and weariness and leave skin around eyes refreshed and energetic.


**80ml Pientzehuang Whitening Nourishing Essence
FUNCTIONS: Distinctive Pien Tze Huang nourishing essence can condition oil excretion, soften cuticle and make pores unclogged, which helps whitening essence be absorbed more easily. It contains water soluble nutrients leaving skin fresh and free of oil. By puny acid formula it is mild


**35g Pientzehuang Speedy Wrinkle Removal Cream
FUNCTIONS :This cream can excellent effect to activate loose, shrinking and unhealthy skin cells. Also, prominent removal and smoothing effect on the wrinkles in areas such as around the eyes, checks and other facial areas caused by skin cell aging.Also has an otstanding removal effect in pigment sedimentation skin diseases such as flecks,butterfly mottles,and favus


**100ml Pientzehuang Whitening Cleaning Cream



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